The Art of Architecture

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Is architecture comparable to art? Some people think so, others see them as two separate things. Art generally responds to emotion and the senses, an experience, as well as how it makes a person feel. Architecture is typically considered as the process of planning, designing, and constructing buildings and sculptures for functionality.

However, there’s no denying that architecture is a source of inspiration for many people, in the same way that taking a stroll through a stunning art museum is. Architecture grasps the attention of world travelers and inspires them to take out their cameras. It also brings out the uniqueness of each town or city, ensuring that no one place is the exact same.

To combine both art and architecture, the town of Oro Valley, Arizona, passed a public art mandate to enhance the quality of life and create beautiful surroundings for individuals who live, work, and play in the town.

Oro Valley’s 1% Public Art Program, established in 1997, requires that commercial developers set aside one percent of a project’s budget for the creation of public art.

Braintree Properties’ new self-storage build in Oro Valley, expected to complete by February 2022, will feature 880 units, 14 executive suite offices, and 88,810 net rentable square feet.

As part of Oro Valley’s public art program, visitors will be greeted at the Self-Storage and Business Center property by a larger than life-size art instillation.

The sculpture, “Balancing Art” by artist Trevor O’Tool, depicts a figure carrying one too many boxes. The art is designed to reflect a minimalist perspective, and how “we all find ourselves trying to carry too much at times.”

According to PDH Academy, even though architecture does require function, so does art. The function of a commercial building is different from that of a sculpture, but they both have a purpose. Art sculptures invite people into spaces where a specific function, or the purpose of ones visit to a building, can easily and effectively take place.

Braintree Properties’ self-storage properties are designed to provide clean, dry, and secure spaces to store belongings. Not only do visitors appreciate the functionality of the buildings, but they also appreciate the small touches that appeal to the senses, like an inviting outdoor sculpture, the swing of a door, and the welcoming environment. Overall, architecture can be defined as a combination of functionality and artistic expression.

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