Charter School Building Solutions Designed for Quality Teaching and Learning

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When it comes to building a new school, expanding a network of schools, or updating an existing school, there are many challenges charter school leaders face.

Limited financial resources, increasing costs of school building maintenance and operations, as well as balancing educational staff while managing construction projects, are some of many unique challenges that stand in the way of a school’s educational goals.

Braintree Properties offers charter school building solutions that are unique to each individual client. From start to finish, they partner with administration teams from project ideation to completion.

Their full, in-house team of designers, procurement specialists, and architectures all work together to identify and provide school building solutions to each unique challenge – from cost constraints to due diligence, design, planning and zoning, as well as leasing and construction.

With more than 17 years of experience and a nationwide presence, the Braintree Properties team provides three quality solutions that are essential to each project.

The predevelopment team are experienced real estate professionals who specialize in commercial real estate and land development.

The architectural and interior design team uses the creativity and understanding of their clients’ needs to design innovative and cost-effective spaces.

The construction management team uses their extensive knowledge of each step of the construction process and how they affect a project’s timeline and budget.

A four-phase process is designed to meet the needs of each client and project:

  1. Establish needs, affordability, and scheduling restrictions
  2. Architecture interior design commences – land and/or building procurement
  3. Construction of the new school – opening day
  4. Helping to assist in obtaining long-term, low-interest financing toward school building ownership

Throughout this process, charter school leaders can focus on educating, while the Braintree Properties team focuses on building education spaces that further enhance education and learning.

Athletic spaces for year-round activity, science labs and classrooms are all designed to support each child’s ability to achieve academic excellence. By creating a comfortable learning environment, students and educators have better access to resources that help to support success.

With one central contact for an entire project, Braintree Properties has created efficient end-to-end school building solutions to ensure all projects move smoothly from conception to completion.

Charter school administration teams receive up-front capital, open book transparency with financial and project management, as well as assistance with facilitating bond issuance. Overall, Braintree Properties’ charter school building solutions ensure that schools are getting what they need, and most importantly, what they can afford.

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